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#2: The voice of doubt

Ok, turns out the part where I said I’ll be posting updates regularly on this blog is a lie. You know how this goes, you build a new blog and you kind of forget about it after a while. But, I’ll try to do better! (or not, we’ll see)

As for the progress on the game development, well.. progress has been slow. Aside from having a limited amount of time (and resources), I feel a lot of doubt creeping in my brain. Especially when working on the gameplay design - the phase where Nightlands is currently (back) in. “Is this good enough? Is this going to be fun to play? Does this make any sense at all?” It’s hard working with that little voice of doubt inside your head.

But it’s not all bad. For example I finally managed to come up with an improved version of a feature of which I’m actually happy about. It’s a bit too soon to share some screenshots as I’m still working on the general interface of the game, but I’m getting there.

That’s the update for now. Let’s hope the next post will have more positive vibes!

#1: New website

Welcome to the new Nightlands website and developer blog!

There is not much to see here yet, but I will be posting regular updates on this blog (with screenshots and little teasers!) about the development of the game whenever I can. The goal of this blog is to keep those interested in the loop about the development progress.

That’s it for now. I’m still deciding on adding a commenting feature here on the blog but in the meantime you can ask any questions on Twitter or have a chat with the community on our Discord channel. See you later!